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Truckstops Intro single depot route planning

Truckstops Intro single depot routing software is designed as a low-cost entry level system specifically for planning collection or delivery routes for single depot operations. Often a single depot will support less vehicles and there is, of course, no decision to be made about which depot to work from for each particular customer. The system has been created to meet the needs of the smaller operations and is offered at around half the price of the Truckstops VRS multi-depot solution. The software offers the majority of the features in the VRS product, but is limited to one depot and 15 vehicles (the fleet size can be extended to up to 25 with further investment – for larger fleets choose Truckstops VRS).

Both products offer professional truck route planning and will:

  • Match your calls with the resources available
  • Calculate journey times and distances
  • Optimise routing and scheduling using a least cost model taking account of your own business rules
  • Help you save money in many ways – reducing planning time and mileage
  • Plan daily schedules or model strategic changes to your business (such as changing fleet size)
  • Visualise and communicate results and integrate with other systems such as tracking, ERP, WMS or TMS

Is Truckstops Intro single depot routing the right solution for you?

Multi-depot or single depot optimisation?

single depot routing

Single depot routing and scheduling optimisation.

This is a key difference between the two versions of routing and scheduling software. Truckstops Intro is specifically for single depot route planning. It will optimise complex multi-drop routes across your fleet, but its discounted price reflects the fact that it is licensed for use with only one depot.

Truckstops VRS route planner software can optimise multi-depot operations and will allocate stops to the most cost-effective vehicle route, regardless of depot. So it may, for example, find that it is cheaper and easier to meet time windows if some customers are allocated to a different depot than the one you have traditionally used. However, you can choose to fix the depots that some or all of your stops are served from, if that suits you better.

Single day or multi-day operation?

Both systems can plan fixed routes and daily scheduling. However, if you wish to schedule a vehicle to make a multi-day trip including overnights, you will need the Truckstops VRS routing and scheduling system.

Journey time calculations

Both systems will calculate the time and distance between your depots and call points using a street level network. However Truckstops VRS includes INRIX speeds for the UK. These speeds are based on billions of GPS signals from vehicles making real journeys. This provides enhanced journey times for use in planning your routes and schedules.

Links to tracking systems

Links to major tracking and other logistics systems are available in Truckstops VRS. For some systems we have also developed plan versus actual functionality, enabling you to see how the route driven varies from the route you planned.

Batch functionality

Photograph of trucks illustrating optimising routing and schedulling for whole fleet from one depot

Optimise single depot routing and scheduling for your whole fleet operating from one depot with Truckstops Intro or use Truckstops VRS to optimise across multi-depots and to use batch functionality.

You will need Truckstops VRS if you would like to use batch functionality to run the system automatically. You can use batch from within the system to set off a number of different files at once – perhaps for different depots or different acquisition scenarios. Using batch enables you to trigger the software from a command line or from within another system so you don’t need to use the Truckstops interface for routine optimisations. Setup batch to use specific stop and truck files (automatically generated by your WMS or TMS for example) and it will create optimised schedule reports for one or many scenarios or depots.

Fleet size and other differences

Truckstops Intro has a restricted number of time windows and quantity measures. The system routes up to 15, 20 or 25 vehicles (depending on the level of your investment). The Truckstops VRS solution is designed for larger fleets (up to 200 vehicles are included in the initial fee and the licence can be extended for more vehicles).

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