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Routing and Scheduling Software

Routing and Scheduling

Optimize multi-drop LTL, partial or full truckloads. Daily scheduling or fixed route revision. Cut the costs of pickups, deliveries & service visits with Truckstops route planning software.

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Network Planning Optimization Software

Territory Planning
Optimization Software

Balance territories and allocate customers to depots for efficient territory management. Optimize depot site location. Take account of capacities and mileage. Two and three tier scenarios.

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Logisitics Consultancy


Need more time or staff? One off acquisition/merger or other project? Time to revise your fixed routes? The TRUCKSTOPS team can help you optimize your operation.

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Professional fleet route planning software

TRUCKSTOPS is world renowned for outstanding multi-drop LTL, partial freight and truckload routing and scheduling. There are thousands of licences sold throughout the world to help organizations optimize route planning for fleets of trucks, vans and cars. Users range from greenhouse growers and service engineers, to bakeries, pharmaceutical companies, newspapers, laundries and dairies.

Why choose TRUCKSTOPS?

  • Saves time and money!
  • Creates efficient money-saving single and multi depot routes
  • Calculates time and distances using street networks with detailed speed data
  • New interface that makes it easy to plan complex scenarios
  • Friendly support team with global implementation experience
  • Easily works with other logistics systems such as ERP, tracking or WMS etc.


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Join live webinars and seminars covering a wide range of topics that show how logistics software can save you time and money.


Demonstrations / Workshops

Demos / Workshops

Live demonstrations of software and a workshop using your own data to see how your organization can save time and money.


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