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Routing and Scheduling

Do you carry out multi-drop or bulk movement daily scheduling or fixed route revision? Cut the costs of collections & deliveries with Truckstops route planning software

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Distribution Optimisation

Are you growing streamlining or rationalising resources and sites? Optimise the efficiency of your supply chain network with Optisite to increase profitability and productivity

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Logistics Consultancy

One off acquisition/merger or other supply chain project? Time to revise your fixed routes? Short of resources inhouse? The Truckstops team at CACI can help you optimise your operation

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Demos and Workshops

Live demonstrations of route planning software and logistics optimisation workshops using your own customer data. See how your organisation can increase efficiency and save on costs

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Vehicle route planning optimisation software

Truckstops route planning, scheduling optimisation software is world renowned for outstanding multi-drop and bulk routing and scheduling. There are thousands of licences sold throughout the world to help organisations optimise route planning for fleets of HGVs, vans and cars. Users range from food and drink companies in Australia to leading  pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers in the UK, to horticultural companies in the USA.

Why choose Truckstops?

  • Plans efficient money-saving single and multi depot routes
  • Calculates time and distances using road networks with detailed speed data
  • New interface that makes it easy to plan complex scenarios
  • Friendly support team with global implementation experience
  • Easily works with other logistics systems such as ERP, tracking or WMS etc.


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