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Truckstops vehicle planning, scheduling and route optimisation

Truckstops is one of the world’s most widely used vehicle routing and scheduling solutions, offering multi-drop, multi-route planning at an affordable price, fully configurable to work with your operation. Truckstops software optimises routing and scheduling to create least cost plans that meet all of your criteria quickly and efficiently.

You can use detailed information regarding your vehicles and drivers and the goods transported, prioritise orders, take into account specific time windows and much more.

Return on investment can be large and immediate (typical cost savings are 10 – 30%) and can benefit your business in many different ways such as minimising cost, reducing distance travelled, eliminating the need for 3PL contractors, reducing time spent planning and more.

Read more about Truckstops Vehicle Routing, Scheduling & Optimisation.


What we do

Mapmechanics has helped companies including CPL Distribution, DX Freight, Glassolutions, Unichem and Wincanton to optimise their vehicle routing and scheduling, and others including Collect Services, Dukes Bailiffs and Sud Ouest to direct and manage their workforce.

We help our customers to collect and deliver milk and fresh produce, deliver bottled water, plan and coordinate doorstop visits and deliveries, and make sure that the right field staff are in the right place at the right time.

We can also provide strategic analysis, with specific software packages and consultancy services. Optimise the placement of depots for access to transport and customers, investigate the demographics of an area for the suitability of a new franchise or examine market penetration in an area to see if a new site is viable.

To complement our logistics software solutions, we supply digital map data including postcode and points data from the world’s leading suppliers such as HERE (formerly NAVTEQ) and the Royal Mail. We also supply the demographic data needed to make decisions along with rasters and aerial and satellite photography for displaying your data.


Our Partners

Mapmechanics has been offering innovative logistics and planning solutions for over 25 years. While we have developed extensive experience in this area, we are always willing to work with other companies to leverage their expertise in different areas or to use our expertise to help them with their projects.

If you would like to know more, or you are a company that would like to make use of our geographical and logistics planning knowledge and experience contact us.

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