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The Coca-Cola Christmas juggernaut is rolling

Everything you need to know about the iconic red truck

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Deliver the goods and save money: our three top tips

There’s little room for error in food distribution. But if you can streamline effectively, the rewards can be significant. Here’s how two national brands achieved it – and three things you can learn….

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Truck Platoons

Truck Platoons – The Road Ahead

Truck Platoons are on the fast track to reality. With trials about to start in the UK, the age of the wirelessly connected truck is starting to look inevitable. A dream come true for some, a living nightmare for others, but what can we really expect from the future of autonomous fleets?

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trucks routed along road to efficently delivrer goods

Five of the best Smart Highway features

With the UN predicting that as much as 66% of the world’s population will be living in cities by 2050, smart highway technology will be a critical element in urban areas to reduce infrastructure strain and increase road safety by easing the density of traffic flow.

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