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CAVs and the Impact on Route Planning

Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) are not yet on our roads. The technology exists and trials have been conducted, but the legislation needed to allow them to travel safely on our road network hasn’t caught up. But it will.

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Electric Vehicles: The Impact on Route Planning

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a common sight on UK roads today but commercial operators have been slower to adopt. What are some the costs and concerns for commercial operators and EVs?

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The Future of Urban Logistics

Congestion, fuel consumption, pollution, the environment, consumer demands, urban design, safety, convenience, virtualisation and population growth are just some of the current and future agendas that are fundamentally changing urban logistics. How is the industry evolving?

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What Leading Supply Chain Firms are Doing to Plan for Brexit

With the date set for the UK to leave the EU as 31st January 2020, it’s fair to say our industry is, if not in a panic, severely rattled by Brexit. There are many vital questions that supply chain operators are trying to answer, even though it’s still unclear what eventualities they need to plan for.

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