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Covid-19: A Snapshot of the Current Impact on Logistics

We’ve all seen the headlines and you’ve almost certainly experienced an impact on your own domestic shopping due to Coronavirus. The outbreak has sent demand for basic medication and hygiene items and staple goods through the roof, with loo roll shelves infamously empty in supermarkets across the world. Clearly our industry has a crucial role to play in meeting this unprecedented challenge.

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The Chain of Responsibility Weighs Heavy on Hauliers

Safety for drivers, colleagues and the public is of paramount importance in logistics and distribution. Australia is taking a hard line on fatigue management with its Chain of Responsibility (COR) laws for supply chain operators. Similar legislation in the USA and UK sets out operating standards, rest breaks and driving time limits.

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Optimise Your Logistics Operations at MEGATRANS2020

Truckstops by CACI are proud to be exhibiting at this year’s MEGATRANS2020 exhibition in Melbourne, Australia. Come visit us on stand 1019.

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CAVs and the Impact on Route Planning

Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) are not yet on our roads. The technology exists and trials have been conducted, but the legislation needed to allow them to travel safely on our road network hasn’t caught up. But it will.

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