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Energy Saving Solutions for ESOS Audits

A regulatory requirement based upon Article 8 of the European Union Energy Efficiency Directive, known as the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is designed to drive improvements in energy efficiency. It includes a requirement that all UK businesses which meet the qualifying criteria must undertake and complete an energy audit by December 2015.

If you are an ESOS Assessor considering energy saving solutions for a client or you need to recommend ways to cut fuel consumption, CO2 emissions or improve logistical efficiency Truckstops can help. We work hand in hand with ESOS Assessors to provide expert solutions on the fuel saving element of the ESOS audit.

Truckstops is a routing, scheduling and logistics software solution which helps organisations optimise route planning for fleets of HGVs, vans and cars.  As an Assessor, our software can assist you to help clients save time, money and reduce their overall output of CO2 emissions through the reduction of fuel consumption.

How Can Truckstops Help Me?

  • Get measurable answers to the fuel saving aspects of your ESOS reports
  • Save your clients’ fuel by reducing mileage (typically by 10-30%)
  • Measure consumption and potential savings in kilowatt hours (kWh) and CO2
  • Plan efficient money-saving single and multi-depot routes
  • Be supported by helpful, friendly team with global implementation experience
  • And much more…


To find out more about how you can make efficiency saving efficiencies for the ESOS audit, call us on 020 8568 7000


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