Five ways routing software can help your business

Fullscreen-map-UKEvery business is different and what might be critical to one isn’t an issue for another. That’s why your chosen routing and scheduling system should be able to work the way your business does and prioritise the criteria that are essential for you. Most routing and scheduling systems tend to focus on either the lowest cost route or the shortest distance, which are key goals, but if you have service level agreements that need to be achieved or goods need to be collected before delivery, more flexibility is required.

TRUCKSTOPS VRS has been designed to reflect the way that your logistics operation works. Here are just five of the ways it can help you to optimise your business:

  • Save fuel by driving less miles and reduce emissions
  • Delay buying another vehicle by making better use of your existing fleet
  • Offer tighter time windows with greater certainty with more realistic road speeds and efficient routes
  • Reduce double shifting
  • Cut planning time by up to 50% (on average)

For more information on the TRUCKSTOPS routing and scheduling system visit the product page or call us on +44 (0)20 8568 7000.

That’s why the Mapmechanics system is so important to us. Over the years it has saved us hundreds of thousands of pounds – possibly even millions. Without a doubt it’s the best investment we’ve ever made.

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