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ROI’s – Why Truckstops?

Our customers report a wide range of benefits when they invest in Truckstops:

Great value with measurable quick return on investment

Save planning time, cut costs, improve customer service, lower carbon footprint, reduce empty running, do more work with less resources. Our customers say:

We’ve achieved striking reductions in the kilometres run by the vehicles and in some cases we’ve saved a couple of shifts, gaining more capacity to take on extra business…

We found we could reduce the fleet size from eleven vehicles to seven, saving 1,000 km a week and 100 litres of fuel.
Glassolutions Saint Gobain

We’ve been able to optimise the number of trucks, we’ve reduced mileage and fuel costs. The results have already paid dividends in cost savings and improved sales.
Goodman Fielder

Easy to use and integrate to create an end to end solution

Truckstops has a new easy to use interface with links to many tracking, ePOD and TMS systems included as standard. Batch processing and flexible outputs ensure you can transfer data between systems or even just trigger Truckstops from within an existing application.

It worked out of the box, yet was powerful and easy to integrate with our existing back-office computer system.
Cormar Carpets

Flexible & Easily Configurable

Truckstops is flexible and can work the way you do. For example, simple user configurable special codes match the requirements of your customers to the resources available. You can tailor the system yourself to reflect changes in your business.

We can set up all the operating parameters we need, and there are also special fields where we can record our techs’ skill sets and special abilities.
State Cleaning Solutions

Great Support, 30 years of experience!

Whether you have just forgotten how to do something simple, or need some innovative approaches to create a complex model, our expert support team are always pleased to help.

Whatever we’ve asked, they have always said yes, and patiently explained the right way to do it. I can’t praise them highly enough.

Complete solutions

The Truckstops team at CACI are experts in all map-related technologies and can, for example, help you with routing and scheduling optimisation, depot network planning, site location, marketing analysis and drive time calculations. The team are also experts in worldwide mapping data from roads & speeds to postcodes, boundaries and geodemographics.

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