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Specifying visit, delivery or call details

Whether it is the type of load you need to carry, the restrictions of the locations you have to visit or the needs of your customers, Truckstops professional routing and scheduling software is designed to be flexible enough to ensure the schedules it produces accommodate the specific needs of your business. It is easy to enter the details of work you need to do (collections, deliveries, service visits etc). Information can be entered into the ‘stops file’ via the easy to use interface, or directly from your in-house systems (e.g. order processing system, ERP or TMS)

Volume of Goods

You can specify how much can be handled by each resource in whichever way best suits your business, e.g. kilograms, cases or pallets.

Product dependent unload times

The time spent at each stop can be specified as a broad brush average amount for all stops and in fine detail with different unload rates for different calls (e.g. 3 minutes per item plus 5 minutes for parking up and paperwork). Longer stop times can be applied to individual stops. For example, where the product has to be delivered to the fifth floor or the product has to be installed as well as delivered.

We might for instance allocate 14 minutes for delivering a sofa. This means we no longer have to rely on average delivery time estimates – we can plan true delivery times.

DX Freight

Time Windows

Truckstops ensures your schedule takes into account time restrictions. Perhaps a customer needs a morning appointment or there is only site access at specific times.

Special Requirements

The software can be configured to take account of special requirements such as when a particular call needs a tail lift or a small vehicle. A specific call needs to be first or is urgent, or it must be done by a Daventry-based engineer or by a senior sales representative.

Priority orders are allocated a special code and are automatically singled out when we do the scheduling optimisation.

Richard Burbidge, timber supplier

Call Locations

Truckstops can use the postcode in the address for each call point or coordinates from your GPS system to locate each stop. For large sites and in some rural areas,  for example, you may want to fine tune the location and ensure it is positioned at the right entrance. This is easy to do. The system enables you to view stops over a detailed street map and/or aerial photography so you can simply drag the point to your preferred position.

Delivery Instructions

Truckstops vehicle routing and scheduling system is extremely flexible and enables the user to add details such as a note for the driver ‘Leave delivery with No 12’ or ‘use the back entrance off Newton Road’.

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