Is your logistics plan surviving?

A current theme in logistics operations is to scrutinise the performance of individual drivers, vehicles and routes in order to squeeze out the best performance possible.

Often this is done with two separate systems – the routing and scheduling software to decide what goes where and the tracking system which will report how long things took. Unfortunately it is by no means a given that the two systems will interact in a manner that is efficient or even at all.

In order to solve this problem we’ve introduced compatibility with many leading tracking and fleet management systems into our routing and scheduling solution TRUCKSTOPS VRS. This enables real-world performance to be measured and tracked against the plan, allowing for adjustments to be made such as allocating trucks to other depots, assigning more time for certain deliveries or fine-tuning journey times in congested areas.

Optimised route schedules can then be uploaded directly to drivers’ handheld devices or GPS systems, which will then guide them between call points and provide details on each stop.

See how Cormar Carpets have benefitted from plan vs actual.