Mapmechanics is Celebrating Five Years of Truckstops Routing, Scheduling & Optimisation Ownership

This year Mapmechanics (now CACI Limited) is celebrating the fifth anniversary of their Truckstops acquisition, which saw them gain all rights to the fleet routing solution worldwide.

5-years-ownership-truckstops-pictureIn 2011 MicroAnalytics, the original creator of Truckstops, agreed to sell the fleet routing and scheduling suite to Mapmechanics (now CACI Limited) . This was after nearly two decades of successful partnership in which Mapmechanics (now CACI Limited) had been a Truckstops distributor, and the next step in the software’s development as the world’s most widely distributed routing and scheduling solution. CACI Limited has worked continuously to fully support and develop the suite.

Director Paul Dawsey comments “we have done a lot of work in developing Truckstops to be compatible and complimentary with the rest of our range of map based technologies, including worldwide maps and address locations. The software is more accessible than ever and you can now unlock an even greater return on investment with only minimal training.”

CACI Limited has invested heavily in the new user interface, which is now simpler and more accessible without compromising performance capabilities or any of the powerful features. Equally crucial is the enhanced solution-finding algorithm and the fully integrated faster distance matrix generation. In addition, there is a wide range of interfacing options from Microsoft Excel sheets to direct database communication.

Truckstops’ ePOD, tracking and performance monitoring now interfaces with a range of solutions including Masternaut, Microlise, Teletrac Navman, Three X Mobile, TranSend, Truckcom and VeriLocation.

Users also now have access to a litany of new features, including a much enhanced map view, streamlined and more flexible data input and fully customisable and more comprehensive reporting facilities. In addition, it is possible to email route itineraries to drivers with links for navigation. For more information about vehicle routing and scheduling, click here.

The updated version of Truckstops ultimately means that the software is more helpful on a day-to-day basis, as well as being better as a strategic tool, running scenarios faster for analysis and bid proposals. Regarding the future of Truckstops with CACI, Paul comments: “CACI will continue to invest substantially in Truckstops to help maintain its leading status whilst taking advantage of new technologies to bring further benefits to Truckstops users.”

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