Mapmechanics Launches Truckstops Ireland

Truckstops IrelandTruckstops from Mapmechanics introduces a bespoke routing and scheduling optimisation solution to Ireland that allows accurate mapping of addresses using Eircode and other methods.

Earlier this year, Ireland introduced the new Eircode system, bringing with it stunning new logistics opportunities for businesses operating across the country. This brings real benefits for companies which make deliveries to businesses and/or consumers.

 UK-based Mapmechanics is the name behind the groundbreaking Truckstops software solution that’s been a market leader worldwide for more than 30 years, and they’re now proud to announce the launch of Truckstops Ireland. This smart software package allows you to take full advantage of the Eircode opportunities. Already, the majority of addresses in Ireland have an Eircode, and this will increase rapidly over the coming months.

The software works by improving the quality of address data providing the information needed to locate and optimise deliveries at premise level. As well as using Eircode locations, Truckstops users can also use the HERE geocoding system for locations that are yet to receive their Eircode or where customers have not supplied it. Alternatively, the HERE satellite map view allows the user to utilise satellite imagery to pin-point a delivery. Added UK Postcodes means Truckstops can provide an all-Ireland logistics solution.

Mapmechanics are also offering a bureau service whereby they can add the latest up to date Eircodes to an existing dataset.

Truckstops Ireland will quickly become invaluable to logistics planners across the country, whether they operate fixed routes or use daily scheduling. Whilst the software is easy to use it’s also very sophisticated, allowing the planner to adopt more efficient and proactive scheduling. The software quickly correlates a number of variables including vehicle capacity and availability, drivers’ hours, as well as considering multiple time windows in which drops or pick-ups can be made. The end result is a logistics operation that saves both time and money.

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