Mapmechanics sponsoring Transport Manager Ireland 2017

Mapmechanics is pleased to announce we will be sponsoring Transport Manager Ireland 2017.

Taking place on Thursday, the 30th of March at Johnstown House Hotel and Spa, Dublin, the Transport Manager Ireland 2017 is widely known for disseminating “the very latest information, guidance and best practice advice surrounding legislation and enforcement changes”. This premiere event offers a range of high profile speakers and exhibitors, expert-led panel discussions and networking.

Mapmechanics has a long history of working closely with transport suppliers and complex supply chain network operations, providing routing and scheduling solutions for an extensive number of companies including Reynolds, HelloFresh and Robert Lee Distribution.

Take the opportunity to talk to us about the benefits of the software solution and how it can bring savings to a range of supply chain network operations. This will also be an excellent chance for attendees to secure a free Truckstops workshop, where they will see how to optimise their route planning and cut costs by up to 30% with reduced mileage and fewer routes, all whilst saving a significant amount of planning time on fleet operations.

Ask us about Optisite, a strategic distribution planning and site location modelling tool designed to help organisations analyse, manage and optimise complex supply chain networks more effectively and profitability. Optisite can identify the optimum number and best locations for the distribution centres of your existing network; find potential new sites, or to design a brand new ‘right-size’ solution.

To find out more or make an appointment to meet the Truckstops team at Transport Manager Ireland 2017, call 020 8568 7000, or email