New Truckstops 20.6

The latest release of this powerful routing and scheduling software comes with a host of new features and enhancements including:

Quick speed modifier

Truckstops calculates the times and distances between calls based on a road network with individual speeds allocated to each road link. These speeds can vary by time of day and type of vehicle. Some users edit the map to generate time and distance matrices based on their own experience, perhaps from GPS tracking of their own fleet. For some people this level of detail is not required and they prefer to just globally reduce or increase the speed by a % factor to allow for different vehicle type or weather conditions. Truckstops 20.6 now makes it really easy to increase or decrease a vehicle’s speed by a percentage value directly within the system, without needing to make changes to  the underlying road network.  

Easier to export routes, vehicle info and more directly into Excel

Editing your vehicle and stop information has always been easy in Truckstops 20 and above. Now Truckstops 20.6 also makes it easier to view routes and other information in Excel for analysis and reporting, then share it with your colleagues

Sortable special codes library

Routing and scheduling routes

Routes are colour-coded and hovering over any stop on the map will display the stop details.

Truckstops unique system of special codes enables the planner to control how Truckstops routing allocates work to vehicles and sequences stops. For example, you might make a code to force some vehicles to always visit a parts box before setting off, or ensure certain orders are always loaded in a refrigerated compartment, or that certain orders are handled by smaller vehicles as the customer has a tight entrance to his yard. Now in Truckstops 20.6 it is easier to create sortable lists of special codes that can be easily adjusted and used as required.

Improved batch functionality

Working in batch mode saves time and enables you to consider many more options. Truckstops 20.6 now makes it easier to import files and offers enhanced route optimization capabilities

CO2 emissions calculations

With new Truckstops 20.6 routing and scheduling you can display the emissions that your trucks will produce over the course of each route.