Optimized Vehicle Routing – Do you have a choice?

Author: Monika Mihir, Product Manager and Logistics Solutions Consultant, CACI

When you have customer deliveries to make, how do you decide which deliveries go on which route and vehicle? Do you have a big map on the wall with pins, using threads to plan the route, or do you do it the smart way – using a computer algorithm?

Operating a commercial fleet is expensive. Every extra vehicle adds driver costs, insurance, fuel costs and more. With the help of vehicle routing optimization software, the deliveries (and collections) can be completed with minimum resources while reducing the number of miles travelled. Use of a good vehicle routing software solution running a proven computer algorithm can result in substantial cost savings.

Manual routing is difficult

An increase in the number of stops and vehicles drastically increases the number of possible routes, as illustrated.

In other words, it becomes almost unmanageable for a human to consider the best route among all the options available. This problem becomes worse when all restrictions and rules (e.g. time windows, vehicle size limit) need to be considered.

Manual routing vs automated solutions

Business rules are complicated, and companies need and want their logistics planners to take those rules into consideration while planning deliveries and routes. Sometimes drivers have their special requirements and sometimes legal regulations need to be taken into account. In short, the planners must consider lots of things while planning out the routes. This can be a huge job, taking a lot of the planners’ time. Despite the planner’s best efforts, in most cases the manual routes may not be best optimized, or the vehicles cannot be filled to optimum capacity.

Manual vehicle routing can result in:

  1. Planners spending a considerable amount of their time planning the routes
  2. Sub-optimized routes, leading to more mileage and eventually more costs
  3. Sub-optimal routes result in more greenhouse gases emissions, contributing to global warming
  4. Potentially unhappy customers
  5. Dissatisfied drivers

With routing optimization software, on the other hand the users can optimise the routes in the best possible manner with a click of a button. This results in savings and happy planners, customers, as well as drivers.

Do you need vehicle routing optimization software?

You need an optimized truck routing software solution if:

  1. You have a fleet of 15 vehicles or more
  2. You are interested in substantial cost savings (up to 30%) in managing your fleet
  3. You do not want your planners spending hours planning inefficient routes
  4. You care about your customers, especially the promises that you make them about service expectations
  5. You care about driver’s regulations and need to implement them
  6. You care about the environment and are looking at your carbon footprint.


CACI’s Truckstops software is an easy to use vehicle routing solution that can help you generate optimised routes, in less time, while following all your rules. You will not only save miles but also make your customers and drivers happy.

And most importantly you can expect to save up to 30% on delivery costs.

Further information

If you want to hear more about how CACI’s Truckstops can help you, get in touch now.

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