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Geoxploit Logistics

Network editing, territory, drive-time & customer mapping

Geoxploit Logistics map analysis software includes everything you need to capitalise on knowledge you already have about your business.

  • Optimise your supply chain, franchise, distribution and sales operations to reduce costs and improve customer service
  • Improve drive time catchments by editing the road network speeds to reflect actual speeds
  • Save money by optimising territories
  • Identify gaps and overlaps in your business
  • Improve customer service with better delivery cost calculations
  • Improve communication with a wide range of management reports

Now that the whole process is managed within Geoxploit, it’s much easier to make changes on the spot. For instance, if I’m on the phone to a franchise-holder, and they explain that it would make sense to amend some detailed aspect of the territory boundary, then providing the change doesn’t have any adverse impact on an adjacent territory, I can make the change there and then. I could never have done that with the old system.

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Cost-effective, easy-to-use logistics map analysis

Editable road network

The map is easy to edit, meaning you can add extra roads (for example, you know that a by-pass or link road is being built with your new depot, or you want to ignore roads that are too steep and icy for your vehicles to use in winter). Additionally, the background map is styled with pale colours making it much easier to distinguish your data from the background information.

Ready-to-use truck speeds and the ability to tailor them

Truck speeds are included as standard with the software and are attached to the road network. Within Geoxploit Logistics you can also edit the road network to incorporate speeds that suit your particular operation. For example, your drivers may drive more slowly because you are transporting livestock, or they may experience slightly faster journey-times because they are using motorbikes. You can also make your own speed files using the roads in the software.

Efficiently allocate customers to service depots and and franchisees

Use the built-in functionality to append the nearest 20 times and distances to your customers, depots, service centres, outlets, etc. And the map is setup in an easy-to-use manner so your results can be displayed with pre-made thematics to help plan your service allocation.

Stops coloured by route and numbered by call sequence

Display your distribution routes differentiated by colour and numbered in the correct call sequence by importing the relevant file from a routing and scheduling system such as Truckstops VRS, adding them manually, or linking to your own external system.


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