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Logistics consultancy projects

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to do a project yourself. Or maybe you don’t want to invest in training staff especially for one-off exercise. Logistics consultancy can bring expertise into your team so you can concentrate on the business and we can operate the routing or territory planning software for you.

Why choose Truckstops logistics consultancy?

Truckstops Logistics consultancy benefits from over 30 years of experience in routing and scheduling optimisation, territory management and  map-based analysis. We share this expertise with our customers to help them optimise their supply chain, marketing and sales operations.

Optisite diagram

Our team of technical consultants are on hand to help you with:

  • Logistics optimisation
  • Fixed route revision
  • Territory optimisation
  • Depot site location
  • Modelling outsourcing, changes in fleet, acquisitions and mergers
  • Routes for tenders and contracts
  • Market analysis
  • Shaded maps to show trends, gaps and overlaps
  • And much more

We take the time to understand your requirements

Every business is different and we work hard to identify the unique aspects of your logistics operation. We can then tailor solutions accordingly.

They are very efficient and open, and they’re great when it comes to bouncing ideas around. They’re also responsive when we require something more out of the ordinary, Celtrak.

You decide how much help you need

You may need extra man-power to meet a challenging deadline or you may need help with a one-off exercise. We are happy to provide as much or as little logistics consultancy as you wish. We can show you a good way to approach the project and leave you to do it. Or we can carry out all the work and present the results. Whatever suits you best.

They matched all of our requirements, and were prepared to handle the job on a project basis. As it was a one-off exercise, this was a much better prospect than buying software and going through a learning process ourselves, Henkel

We offer competitive rates

We are competitively priced. With our expertise, we can often get the work done much more quickly and cheaply than your own team.  Talk to us about your needs and we’ll think of the best way to help you as much as possible within the budget available.

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