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Optisite – Supply Chain Planning, Modelling and Analysis

Optisite is a strategic distribution planning and site location modelling tool designed to help organizations analyze, manage and optimize complex supply chain networks more effectively and profitably. Optisite can identify the optimum number and best locations for the distribution centers of your existing network; find potential new sites, or to design a brand new ‘right-size’ solution.

What does Optisite do?

Designed for distribution specialists, management consultants, logistics analysts, supply chain professionals, strategic decision makers and for businesses with complex distribution requirements, Optisite enables users to:

  • Optimize an existing supply chain network
    Reconfigure a current distribution network to model the most efficient design based on your demand and service requirements to identify cost savings and improve service and sustainability.
  • Determine the best possible locations for new sites
    New warehouse or depot locations can be selected from a predetermined list or the system can determine the best possible, cost-optimal location on its own, using a cost sensitivity “heat-map”.
  • Carry out cost sensitivity analysis
    Instantly see the percentage increase or decrease in total cost when a site is moved in any direction away from its current location based on your operational parameters.
  • Model “what if” questions
    Simulate multiple alternative distribution scenarios to improve performance, compare costs and mitigate risk.
  • Analyze and evaluate
    Understand, assess and calculate the implications of M&As, business expansion or contraction for strategic decision making.

How does Optisite work?

Quick and simple to set up, users can easily input their data such as demand points, warehouses and product sources, from a standard spreadsheet format. Additional data can include product volumes and fixed and variable warehousing and transportation costs. Once the basic data has been entered, the software uses powerful algorithms to automatically calculate the least-cost option.

Users can then vary the parameters, such as the preferred maximum distance from warehouse to delivery point or stipulate that a warehouse cannot supply a particular product lines or withdraw a depot from the calculation completely, and immediately see the effect. A series of different scenarios can be saved separately, using the same core data but applying different assumptions, for instant visual comparison.

Who uses Optisite?

Optisite is designed for any professional who needs to consider the impacts of change in a multifaceted distribution network. In addition to site location planning, Optisite is used to perform a wide range of strategic supply chain projects to examine such things as overseas manufacturing, pooling facilities, direct plant to-customer shipments and regional warehousing.

Optisite has delivered significant savings and the benefits of supply chain optimization across the globe in a variety of sectors including online grocery shopping; automotive parts distribution; manufacturing and transportation, warehousing and logistics services.

Optisite has made it much easier for us to examine the implications of adding, say, an extra depot, and comparing that with the cost of changing existing depot boundaries.

Key Features

  • Quick and simple set-up – Optisite can be set up and running in hours.
  • Easy to use – Optisite’s Workspace Manager gives users fast and easy access to the different parameters and saved scenarios.
  • Accurately position site locations – Optisite’s inbuilt geocoding functionality seamlessly converts addresses, postcodes or zip codes into geographical coordinates.
  • Visualise the scenarios – Optisite’s results displayed in colorful, easily-understood maps with integral mapping via the HERE Location Platform.
  • Comprehensive reporting – Optisite offers fast informative reporting with graphical map-based displays that can be output directly from the software. Results can be exported directly into a range of formats including Excel, PDF and HTML.
  • Flexible licensing – Optisite is available either under an annual software licence or on a monthly basis, making it an appealing choice both for ongoing analysis, consultancy work and for one-off projects.
To book a demo or discuss how you can optimize the efficiency of your supply chain network, call us now on +44 (0)20 8568 7000 or complete the contact form and one of our consultants will call you back 

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