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Truckstops Ireland: multi-depot, multi-drop route planning

Cut costs, save time and increase the efficiency of your delivery operations with Truckstops Ireland our comprehensive All-Ireland route planning and scheduling solution fully integrated with Eircodes. Designed with you in mind,  the software can address complex route planning problems, efficiently assign calls to vehicles, sequence them and plans delivery routes to meet the requirements of your business. 

How It Works

Truckstops Ireland is a powerful optimisation algorithm that seamlessly handles multi-drop, multi-depot tasks, incorporating time windows, driver’s hours, overtime rates, unload rates and many other variables. With the new Eircode, it can now improve the quality of address data providing the information needed to locate and optimise deliveries at premise level. As well as using Eircode locations, Truckstops uses the HERE geocoding system for locations that are yet to receive an Eircode. As a fail safe measure, the HERE map viewer allows a Planner to utilise satellite imagery to manually pin-point a delivery. Added UK Postcodes means Truckstops can provide the perfect all-Ireland logistics solution.

How Truckstops for Ireland can benefit your business:

  • Cut costs (typically by 10-30%)
  • Save planning time (over 50% for many companies)
  • Increase customer satisfaction (offer tighter time windows more reliably)
  • Take on more work (manage your resources more efficiently)
  • Accurately locate delivery points at premise level


To help you get the maximum from your database, we offer a bureau service where we can append your data with Eircodes to provide a complete data set ready for geocoding.  Enquire for more information

If you would like to find out more about how Truckstops Ireland works, we can arrange a live demonstration and provide you with a competitive proposal. Alternatively, talk to an adviser by emailing us at info@cacilogistics.com or call UK +44 (0)20 8568 7000 or US +01 (727) 483-5562

Watch Video

If you are considering procuring an advanced route planning and scheduling solution, then this informative video delivers a short demonstration of how Truckstops is configured for distribution activities in Eire and Northern Ireland.

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