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Truckstops Loads bulk logistics, trunking & tramping

Truckstops Loads is designed specifically to help with the critical issues of trunking, tramping and other bulk movement, including part-load and full-load bulk logistics operations. This type of routing is often necessary when undertaking primary scheduling of long haul loads often going from ports, manufacturer’s consolidation centres or depots to regional distribution centres or large volume delivery points such as primary consolidation centres. Whether you are moving containers, tankers, full pallet loads or products such as aggregates, Truckstops Loads is designed to increase efficiency, helping you: 

Bulk logistics routing software for trunking and tramping

Bulk logistics route optimisation for trunking and tramping operations e.g. milk, grain, waste or aggregates

  • Make the most of your fleet by double shifting vehicles
  • Plan for staggered arrival times to accommodate bay restrictions
  • Create tighter delivery windows to meet customer service levels
  • Plan wider overnight collection windows to minimise costs
  • Optimise long haul overnight stops and drivers breaks (even when the vehicle is still busy)
  • Take account of significant unload times or cleaning regimes


The system is primarily used as an operational system for bulk logistics. However, in addition to day-to-day planning, strategic exercises can be carried out using the software, allowing independent modelling. For example, it can be used to help answer questions such as “where should I base a new vehicle?”, “What happens if volumes increased 10%?”, “What happens if unloading times decrease by 5%?” etc. Truckstops Loads can be used as a stand-alone application to do much more than plan operationally.

The system is doing exactly what we wanted it to. We are reducing the cost of bought-in services, monitoring our internal costs much more closely, improving our efficiency and productivity, enhancing the service we provide to our sites, and keeping a much closer check on the treatment process. 

Welsh Water 

Set up Truckstops Loads for bulk logistics to suit the way you work

Like all solutions in the Truckstops range, Loads is highly configurable. For example you can specify:

Collect & delivery
time windows

The time slot during which you can collect your load can be specific to each call. The same applies to the delivery window which can be as tight as you need to meet the required customer service level. The 24 hour clock within Truckstops Loads ensures time windows can go beyond midnight.

Transport locations

You can specify the start and end point for each vehicle for the planning period. These can be different for each transport resource and there is no requirement that these transport locations be depots, collection points or delivery points.


Mixed fleets

Use a combination of your own bulk logistics fleet and sub-contractors with different cost characteristics to reflect the operational choices available to you. The system will work out your schedules with the objective of minimising your costs whilst meeting customer service levels.


Call duration

You can specify the time to allow for each pick-up and drop off according to the needs of the operation and to reflect the situation e.g. a collection may be a trailer swap whereas some deliveries may involve unloading the trailer.

Multi-shifting for vehicles

If you are operating with no nights-out and double-shifting you can use the flexibility of the software to benefit from schedules that maximise the driving hours available for each shift.

Single shift or multi-day schedules

You may want to plan a shift at a time or you can plan a multi-day schedule with vehicles potentially tramping for several successive days.

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