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Truckstops VRS multi-depot, multi-drop route planning

Truckstops VRS (vehicle routing and scheduling) quickly and easily addresses complex route planning problems such as those found in multi-depot, multi-drop operations. Truckstops VRS efficiently assigns calls to vehicles and sequences them, planning delivery routes that meet the specific requirements of your business. Using Truckstops VRS helps you:

  • cut costs (typically 10-30%)
  • save planning time (over 50% for many organizations) 
  • provide excellent customer service (e.g. offering tighter time windows with more certainty)
  • take on more work with the same number of vehicles


Truckstops VRS can be used operationally for daily scheduling or fixed route revision. The same software can help you with more strategic analysis. You could, for example, also use Truckstops VRS routing and scheduling to assess profitability of potential contracts, mergers or acquisitions.

So why choose Truckstops VRS route planner software?

Proven, efficient multi-drop route optimization

Truckstops VRS route planning software uses powerful optimization algorithms that create cost-cutting routes that are achievable and that meet your criteria. The savings have been proven by users in a wide variety of industries from delivering school books, plants, bread, medication and timber products to collecting waste or milk or organising field forces such as debt collectors or engineers.

Easy to set up route planning for complex operations

Truckstops VRS has an intuitive, simple approach to setting your rules. Truckstops VRS works just like a human planner, noting call requirements and vehicle features and then matching the two. Some criteria are common to many truck route planning operations, e.g. drivers hours, quantities and time windows. Truckstops VRS can of course take account of these generic criteria. However, it can also make it easy to set up more specialist needs such as “only use this truck for certain classes of product”, “this call needs a qualified installer” or “deliver this before making any collections”.

Return on investment

Using Truckstops VRS vehicle routing software enables you to undertake multi-drop truck route planning much more quickly and efficiently. The routes themselves will be optimized to plan the cheapest routing and scheduling for your fleet. The savings you make will be tangible. You could:

Use Truckstops to optimize your fleet routing and improve customer service too

Use Truckstops to optimize your fleet routing and improve customer service too

  • do more work with the same fleet size
  • save fuel by driving fewer miles
  • delay buying another vehicle
  • offer tighter time windows with greater certainty
  • reduce double shifting
  • cut planning time
  • reduce empty running
  • see where overnight stops maybe more efficient than coming back to depot
  • identify network planning efficiencies – perhaps opening or closing a depot


We’ve been able to optimize the number of trucks, we’ve reduced mileage and fuel costs, and we’ve provided more sustainable earnings for the independent contractors who do our deliveries, reinforcing their commitment to our business. Everybody wins.
Goodman Fielder

Valid solution immediately or continue to run for further savings

When you click compute, Truckstops VRS allocates your jobs to vehicles without breaking any of your rules. It then immediately starts the second phase of multi-drop route planning, switching calls to see if a different route allocation or call sequence could be cheaper. You can stop the optimization at any time and you will then have a valid solution, so you can get your operation on the road. Leaving Truckstops VRS to run will help you make further savings. On screen details show the savings growing as the optimization runs. At any point you could fix some orders on some vehicles. Then you can start loading or confirming some appointments, while new orders are added and further optimization of the remaining orders takes place.

Excellent technical support and implementation assistance

Business collegues

Truckstops routing and scheduling software is easy to use so you may not need support very often. However, to make the most of this powerful truck route planning software, every copy of Truckstops VRS includes technical support and implementation assistance. When you make an investment in professional logistics planning software, you need to know there will be help if ever you need it. Our support team will happily train you and help you to make the software plan the way you would like it to, as your business grows and your method of operation changes.


They’ve always given us outstanding service.

FREE Integration with ERP, TMS, tracking, telematics, WMS etc.

Truckstops is easy to integrate with your choice of back-end systems such as warehouse and transport management systems. Reporting in Truckstops is very flexible and reports can be created in many formats and layouts to suit your existing systems. We can help you create your own end-to-end logistics software solution by easily importing data from your order system, optimizing the truck route planning and sequencing, sending the data onto e-PODs and linking to tracking to compare plan versus actual results. Links to many systems are included in the standard product, free of charge.

Supports operation in batch mode – you can run the product from inside your existing systems!

Each copy of Truckstops VRS has batch functionality included so you can:

  • Manually initiate the generation of multiple schedules, using different data files for each
  • Generate schedules automatically as part of a routine delivery planning procedure
  • Run Truckstops schedules automatically on an on-going basis throughout the day, as the necessary data files are created
  • Initiate a Truckstops run from your TMS or ERP system (for example)
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