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Customer & site location analysis

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Mapping your customer data and depot locations will enable you to:

  • Identify gaps and overlaps in your distribution network
  • Efficiently allocate customers to depots, account managers & marketing campaigns
  • Predict future demand
  • Locate facilities in the most cost effective locations
  • Identify opportunities for increased business
  • Manage depot territories
  • Optimise sales & franchise territories
  • Target new business
  • Manage leaflet campaigns

Location analysis that focusses on the details

We can help you make the most of map-based location analysis and the geographic information that your organisation already holds. For example, the postcodes on your orders can be used to place your customers on the map. You can then instantly see where there are clusters of customers and where there are gaps.

screenshot of location analysis showing  overlaps in drive time catchments

Map-based location analysis helps identify overlaps

Overlay your own outlets, depots and other facilities on top of the customer map. You can then calculate the distance between customers and facilities. Use location analysis to find the nearest depot or store with the right type of stock. Balance territories so each sales representative has the same potential turnover. Create drive time boundaries to set price banded delivery areas.

You can attach your own preferred speeds to roads to make a road network and journey time matrix that reflects the way your own fleet drives. You can  automatically update each customer record with the nearest and next nearest store or depot.

With this kind of analysis we can identify mismatches between supply and demand, and indicate to clients where they could find alternative warehouse premises, or advise developers where to build.

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Demographic analysis that gives real insight

Social class mapped with GEOXPLOIT LOGISTICS  location analysis software

Social class mapped with Geoxploit Logistics
location analysis software

You can use demographic data to assess market penetration. The software can compare the number of customers you have in each area with the number of potential customers you could have. It will then automatically make a shaded map. High market penetration is shown in one colour and low penetration is displayed in another colour, so you can immediately see where you are doing well. You can target areas where penetration is low, but the characteristics of the population is similar to the areas where you are doing well. These areas are likely to have prospects who are highly likely to use your products or services. You can use neighbourhood profiling (also known as demographic segmentation) to refine your analysis.

Geoxploit Logistics is a single solution with all the maps, postcode, demographic, serial photo and boundary data you need to perform all these tasks and more.

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