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Daily Scheduling Route Optimization Software

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Delivering on time with the right goods in the right place

Truckstops daily scheduling route optimization helps you save time and money when planning routes with fluctuating volumes and varying destinations. As your operation grows, improving and adjusting your daily scheduling becomes more complicated and takes more time. Truckstops routing software speeds up the planning process each day and helps you to:

  • Reduce costs (typically 10-30%)
  • Drive fewer miles
  • Save daily planning time
  • Save fuel and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Make more efficient use of your fleet (use less vehicles or do more with the fleet you have)
  • Improve customer service with more certainty of achieving tighter time windows to suit your service level agreements

What is daily scheduling?

Daily scheduling is routing calls where the delivery volumes or destinations vary significantly so it is not practical to follow the same route each day. Daily route scheduling is often planning today for delivery or pick up tomorrow. A supermarket home delivery service could be an example of a daily scheduling operation, making a lot of calls to different customers each day. Another example is the “never before and never again” scenario. For example, a garden shed company that tends to visit different customers every day. Some organizations mainly deliver to the same locations on a regular basis and these tend to use fixed routes that are then revised less frequently. An example of this would be a laundry that regularly picks up from and delivers to the same customers each day.

By introducing the Truckstops routing and scheduling system, decorative timber supplier Richard Burbidge Ltd has halved the time it previously took to plan delivery routes from day to day, whilst at the same time gaining unprecedented power to ensure that priority loads are allocated automatically to its own in-house transport fleet

What are the benefits of using Truckstops for day to day scheduling?

Without professional logistics planning software, it is difficult to take account of all the necessary criteria and produce cost-cutting daily schedules that meet all the rules of your business. Truckstops routing and scheduling can plan large numbers of calls with complex criteria every day. Each call may have very different requirements (e.g. restricted entrance, tight time window, chilled food items) and you may be using a mixed fleet with a range of trucks that each have different capabilities (e.g. lift gate, temperature controlled compartments, different engineer skills). Using Truckstops route optimization software ensures each call is allocated to the most appropriate vehicle and in the best sequence to create efficient daily schedules.

Using Truckstops routing and scheduling solution will help you:

  • Reduce mileage and time spent planning
  • Maximize vehicle utilization
  • Offer a more reliable, better tailored service to your customers
  • More easily prioritize specific orders to be loaded first
  • Take account of more factors when planning
  • Delay planning until later in the day when more orders have been received
  • Grow without the need to take on more drivers
  • Cut the cost of being in the right place at the right time with the right goods or equipment
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