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Depot Territory Area Planning and Management

Depot territory planning sets out which depots will serve which orders. Managing territories can be complex as the customer base varies and order volumes fluctuate from different areas at different times. Carefully optimising the way you use your network of depots will help you to:

  • Cut Costs
  • Save Time
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Cost-effectively meet the demands of your customers

A range of different approaches can be used to help create, plan and manage depot territories. A depot territory is essentially the area served by each depot, warehouse or other supply chain facility. Some organisations have different territories for different goods. Some have overlapping territories (so in certain areas an order could be fulfilled from one of a selection of depots). Other businesses choose to have non-overlapping territories, so for any particular type of order from a specific place, there is only one depot it could be served from. We can help you with assistance with all types of depot territory management using a range of approaches and depot territory planning software. We can supply the software and data with training or you can simply use our consultancy team to do the work for you.

Depot area optimisation using postcode boundaries

Optimising Depot Territory Planning

Optimising Depot Territory Planning

Many organisations create an overview map of their territories by grouping together postcode sectors (e.g. HR6 9) or postcode districts (HR6) for each territory. With Geoxploit Logistics for example, you can map these territories with a different colour for each depot. Depot territory planning can be further enhanced by changing the territories according to the data attached to each postcode sector (perhaps the count of customers, volume of orders or number of target households). The software will display the totals for each territory and enable you to reassign a postcode sector to a different depot by simply clicking your mouse. It will then show you the new totals and you can try “what if” scenarios until you are satisfied you have achieved the balance you need.

Depot area optimisation using routing planning software

You can use Truckstops routing and scheduling software to automatically assign calls to the best depot according to the routes and demands you are planning for. This works because Truckstops is designed to solve multi-drop, multi-depot routing and scheduling problems. It uses a least-cost model, choosing the cheapest options that satisfy all the rules you have set. Of course you can use the postcode mapping to predetermine the depot territories and then tell Truckstops routing and scheduling to use the allotted depot for each call. The software solutions are all very flexible and can set up automatic depot territories or can be interacted with to create territories in your preferred way.


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