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Fixed Route Revision Planning Software

Planning fixed routes with Truckstops routing and scheduling software helps you to:

  • Use drivers and vehicles more productively
  • Reduce costs
  • Save planning time
  • Provide better customer service

What is fixed route revision?

When organizations mainly deliver to the same locations on a regular basis, they often plan standard routes for each of their vehicles. Although the volumes may vary slightly or an extra customer may be added or removed from the schedule, the fixed route is essentially the same each time. Typically these routes might be re-optimized (i.e. a fixed route revision takes place) every 3-6 months depending on the type of business.  Fixed route revision is used by those who have regular distribution or visit pattern. For example, a service provider who wants to ensure that customers receive the same member of staff each visit, or a wholesaler who regularly delivers to the same client or a subset of those clients.

What are the benefits of using Truckstops for fixed route revision?

Revise and your fixed routes quickly with Truckstops routing software

Revise your fixed routes quickly with Truckstops routing software

Truckstops fleet routing and scheduling software can take account of all the rules in your business that a manual planner tries to apply when choosing which route to place a customer on. However, optimizing software can try many more iterations, trying each call on each vehicle to work out which fixed route revision would offer the least cost solution.

You can specify the criteria you wish to use and the details of the fleet you have available. Clicking ‘compute’ in Truckstops will then load the jobs and start optimizing by carrying out thousands of “what if” scenarios, switching the calls between vehicles and recalculating the costs until the cheapest fixed route revision is reached, or you stop the process as you can see you have saved enough. What might take days by hand, can be achieved in hours!

In Truckstops routing optimization software, you can also fix calls to routes so that standard jobs are on the standard fixed route and then add additional new stops from your order system and check that the routes are still viable and legal (e.g. no time windows or drivers hours issues are likely to arise).

We have been able to reduce the cost of bought-in services significantly by using our own drivers more productively and we have also reduced unnecessary collections from sites that need not be visited so frequently, and improved our vehicle fill rate significantly.

Welsh Water

Using Truckstops for fixed routes can:

  • Save fuel by reducing mileage
  • Enable you to take more criteria into account
  • Ensure customers are allocated the same staff each visit
  • Improve vehicle fill and reduces empty running
  • Help you use your fleet more profitably
  • Enable you to try different fixed routes more easily
  • Check each day’s orders can fit on fixed routes (checking commercial and legal rules such as time windows and drivers hours)
  • Cut the cost of providing excellent service, efficiently
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