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End to end logistics:
Routing integrated with TMS, WMS, EMS, e-POD & tracking

Truckstops partners with a wide range of suppliers of complementary technologies such as tracking and other mobile solutions, Enterprise Management, Transport Management and Warehouse Management systems, e-POD and other logistics software tools. The resultant system is an end to end logistics solution that enables you to:

  • Increase profitability
  • Cut costs
  • Save time
  • Offer your customer the highest possible levels of service at all times

Linking with Warehouse Management, Enterprise Management, and Transport Management Systems

These systems are all commonly found in modern supply chain operations. Truckstops routing and scheduling optimisation solutions link easily with your other internal business systems. For example, details of the orders you need to fulfil may be stored in your TMS (Transport Management System) and these details can be automatically passed to Truckstops to allocate to vehicles, route and sequence the stops. Truckstops can be linked to your WMS (Warehouse Management System) to ensure goods are picked and loaded on the appropriate vehicle for the planned routes. Whatever system you use to control the flow of goods in and out of your warehouse, manage customer orders and ensure correct fulfilment, Truckstops can link to it or be embedded within it to offer seamless, efficient logistics management.

Incorporating e-POD systems in your logistics solutions

Electronic Proof of Delivery systems (e-POD systems) confirm that a delivery has been made and collects details such as signatures and arrival times. In a similar way to tracking information, these details can influence how you configure Truckstops for future optimisation. Complete end-to end systems include e-POD as an important part of the total supply chain logistics solution.

The system is doing exactly what we wanted it to. We are reducing the cost of bought-in services, monitoring our internal costs much more closely, improving our efficiency and productivity, enhancing the service we provide to our sites, and keeping a much closer check on the treatment process.

For the first time we have full visibility of the operation, and because we are capturing so much data in real time, we can run reports and analysis in finer detail than ever before – which allows us to manage the operation more proactively.
Welsh Water

Integrating with Tracking systems

Truckstops developers work closely with tracking system suppliers to integrate tracking and route planning software. This enables the user to compare the planned routes with those actually driven. Information from the tracked routes can then be fed back into the Truckstops models (e.g. call times) to make the next planned routes even more tailored to the way your fleet operates. Find out more about plan versus actual analysis.

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