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Multi-depot / Single Depot Multi-drop Route Planning

Truckstops multi-drop route planner software can optimize your service, collection and/or delivery from a single depot or from multiple depots (one at a time or across the whole operation at once). You can specify where every vehicle starts and ends, or leave the optimizer to suggest locations. Some organizations always start at the engineers’ home and leave them to find their own way back, others start and finish routes at a single depot or from specific locations in their multi-depot network. Truckstops is completely flexible. The Truckstops VRS routing solution is able to:

  • Match details of demands with details of resources
  • Optimize multi-drop daily scheduling and fixed route revisions
  • Generate least cost routes that meet rules set by the user
  • Save time and money
  • Enable you to do more work, more efficiently
  • Help you improve customer service
  • Reduce the cost of being in the right place, with the right goods at the right time


Multi-depot multi-drop route planning software 

truck at warehouse part of multi-depot and single- depot routing

Optimizing routing multi-depot or single-depot operations saves time and money

The Truckstops routing and scheduling optimization engine is designed to calculate the least-cost multi-drop routes for a multi-depot operations. You can assign particular orders to specific depots or ask Truckstops to compute the most efficient routes across the whole multi-depot network. Depending on the time windows, overtime rates and staff skills, the answer might be different for different times. Truckstops will obey all the rules you set and provide a cost-effective solution for the specific workload and resources available.

You can even use Truckstops to model what the likely savings would be if you opened another depot or closed one of your existing warehouses.

Not only could we see opportunities to reduce the existing vehicle fleet, I also realised we could save by opening a new out-base to serve south-east England.

Fenland Laundries

Single depot multi-drop route planning

Multi-drop planning for a single depot is similar to a multi-depot scenario as it can also involve planning multiple stops with many criteria. Single depot operations generally support a smaller fleet so there are fewer vehicles with different capabilities to assign stops to. The software can still help you make multiple deliveries using the most cost-effective routes with the optimization based on least overall cost for the whole operation.

Why use Truckstops for single depot or multi-depot route optimization?

Whether you are using Truckstops multi-drop planner for a single depot or a multi-depot operation, the software can:

  • Efficiently allocate stops or call points to vehicles
  • Sequence visits, deliveries and collections to meet time windows and other criteria you set
  • Optimize the use of your fleet across the whole operation
  • Plan complex scenarios easily
  • Model savings if the number or locations of depots changes
  • Save time and money
  • Plan the least-cost depot from which to serve, vehicle to use and delivery sequence for all your stops
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