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Pickup and delivery route optimization

Pickup and delivery route planning involves all the same principles as general multi-drop LTL, full truck and part-load routing. However, there are specific additional  requirements for pickup and deliver operations.

Truckstops routing and scheduling software optimizes pickup and delivery routes to find the least cost solution that operates within the rules and constraints that you set. For example, rules about the sequence in which pickups and deliveries need to be made (e.g. deliver bulky things first to make space in the truck for pickups).

Truckstops can:

  • Optimize complex pickup and delivery routes
  • Create a least-cost plan to save money
  • Significantly reduce planning time
  • Help meet service level agreements and improve customer service
  • Reduce the cost of pickup and delivery while providing an even better service to your customers

What is different about pickup and delivery routes?

Faster pickup an delivery route planning with Truckstops fleet routing solutions

Faster pickup and delivery route planning with Truckstops fleet routing solutions

Routes that require goods to be picked up and then delivered (e.g. waste collection, milk delivery) need specific pickup and delivery route functionality to make sure, for example, that important items required for delivery are picked up first, or that items are only picked up after enough deliveries have been made to create space for the items awaiting collection.

Why plan pickup and delivery routes with Truckstops?

Using Truckstops routing and scheduling software for your pickup and delivery route planning will enable you to accommodate customer time windows, driver hours, engineer skill sets, as well as:

  • Ensure key items are collected before delivery attempted (e.g. prescriptions picked up from pharmacy before delivery to patient)
  • Sufficient deliveries are made before more pickups attempted (e.g. drop off new plant stock before collecting empty trolleys for return to nurseries)
  • Clean items are delivered before dirty/smelly items collected (e.g. clean laundry dropped off before collection of dirty laundry from fish restaurant)
  • Vehicles cleaned before picking up specific products (e.g. organic milk picked up and delivered before other milk)
  • Include reload vehicles in the plan, if needed

We’re now able to schedule our operations much more quickly and efficiently on a least-cost basis that minimises journey times, reduces our carbon footprint and helps us improve our customer service.

Waste Management Services

Users value Truckstops ability to prevent vehicles from being loaded with incompatible products. However, they can also set up the system to disregard this constraint on any given journey as soon as it ceases to apply. A classic example of this can be seen with milk pickups from farms. The operator will want to avoid mixing organic and regular milk on the same journey, but can gain extra flexibility if Truckstops knows that once empty, the vehicle can start reloading by picking up either type of product. The “exclusion release” system in Truckstops makes this easy to set up.

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