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Delivery Route Planning Software. Analysing Planned vs. Actual Routes

Plan versus actual is a particularly useful analysis when making changes such as allocating drops to different depots, allowing extra time for certain deliveries and fine-tuning journey times, particularly in congested areas. Your truck routing software will have initially planned routes and schedules so that they are optimised to obey all the rules you have specified. For example, your vehicles or drivers may have special features or skills that match particular jobs and your service level agreements may specify particular time windows. Once Truckstops vehicle routing software has completed the plan, your team will drive the routes and sometimes what they actually do is not quite what you had planned. For example, the roads may have been slower or when they arrived they found there were five flights of stairs, making the unload time much longer than expected. 


end to end logisitcs solution showing integration of route planning software, tracking systems and ePOD

End to end logistics solution with plan vs. actual analysis

Truckstops offers:

  • End to end logistics solution
  • Easy to use plan vs. actual analysis
  • Excellent cost-cutting efficient routes
  • Routes that meet your own criteria
  • FREE links to a range of tracking and other systems
  • Continuous maintenance and development
  • Simple ways to adjust routes after analysis
  • Exceptional technical support and implementation assistance


Linking Truckstops route planning software with your tracking solution provides a route management system that facilitates immediate plan vs actual analysis. You will be able to see delays or parts of the plan that were achieved more quickly than anticipated. Then you can simply adjust the parameters in Truckstops to adapt the planning process to fine-tune schedules for next time. The optimised route schedules will improve efficiency on the next run. Further plan vs actual analysis will identify whether the planned routes are now closer to those experienced by the drivers.

It is particularly valuable to be able to compare planned and actual journey times and delivery windows and identify variances, it means our routing and scheduling will become more accurate, which in turn will improve customer service
Cormar Carpets

Why choose Truckstops for plan vs actual analysis?

Truckstops does not champion any particular tracking system, but aims to solve vehicle routing problems for users of many different tracking systems. Our development team works together with our existing and prospective customers to link routing and scheduling to their preferred tracking solutions. Truckstops includes Free links to a range of tracking options directly out of the box. Simply select the appropriate link for your chosen tracking solution. If you would rather use a different tracking option, talk to us and we will work with you to develop a direct link.  Truckstops offers:

  • Easy, flexible links to TMS, WMS, tracking, telematics, e-POD etc.
  • A development team that is happy to work closely with other suppliers to ensure an end to end solution that meets your needs
  • Nearly 30 years of journey-time and routing expertise to help implement any necessary changes identified during plan vs. actual analysis
  • A demonstrable track record with a range of systems partners


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