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Performance and service management

Performance management is a key part of any logistics management role. With supply chain software you can, for example:

Image showing coloured map to identify geographic trends using GEOXPLOIT supply chain software

Trend mapping in Geoxploit supply chain software

  • Measure costs
  • Analyse how effectively your fleet has been used
  • Try “what if” scenarios, to consider outsourcing to 3PL, mergers or  acquisitions, for example
  • Look at the performance of various scenarios before committing to a specific plan
  • Map customer satisfaction
  • Identify geographic trends in performance
  • Manage 3PL fleets
  • Compare the routes you planned with your actual performance

Truckstops from CACI offers a suite of transport fleet optimising software to look at past performance and possible ways of organising the operation in the future. Fleet management software such as Truckstops is particularly useful because you can use the same supply chain software to route and schedule your daily workload and also to strategically look at “what if” scenarios. 

Performance Management: Routing and Scheduling

Truckstops route optimisation is calculated using a least cost model, ensuring all your criteria are met. The reporting is easy to use and flexible, enabling you to compare costs, “not loads” and other  performance criteria for a range of  “what if” scenarios. Truckstops VRS multi-drop route optimisation links directly with tracking systems enabling you to do “plan versus actual” analysis. This compares the routes and schedule you planned with the actual routes driven and the actual times each vehicle arrived and left each stop. You can model scenarios with more or less vehicles, with spot hire or outsourcing totally to 3PL, for example.

We looked at existing routes to see which were viable in our terms, and used Truckstops to model where to locate our new hubs, and how many vehicles to allocate to each.

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Performance Management: Territory Optimisation and Site Location

Optisite supply chain software is designed to help you manage territories and optimise the locations of your warehouse and depots. You can use this supply chain software to examine the costs of serving demands from different depots, using more or less depots and/or relocating the depots. Optimising the location of each point in the supply chain or just testing the potential effects of network planning adjustments on your bottom line.

Performance Management: Supply Chain Mapping Software

Geoxploit Logistics software will enable you to map your customers, prospects, sites, territories and routes. You can use this logistics mapping software to place your customers on the map and to create shaded maps and drive time catchments (isochrones). The software can help you identify trends, gaps or overlaps in your coverage. Geoxploit can also be used to create your own road network with new road links for planned warehouses or different speeds reflecting details from your vehicle tracking data. You can create time and distances matrices and tables of nearest and next nearest sites to each demand point.

Demographic, aerial photos and postcode data are all included together with the street mapping so you can analyse your own data and understand the potential growth in each geographic area.

This flexible mapping and geographic analysis tool can be used in many ways to help with performance management. You could map a wide variety of metrics. For example, orders meeting service level agreement criteria, number of households, market penetration, complaints, orders carried out by 3PL, difference in order volumes from each area over a number of years etc.

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