The Coca-Cola Christmas juggernaut is rolling

by Paul Dawsey

Everything you need to know about the iconic red truck


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Commercialisation or the modern-day spirit of Christmas? Opinions divide about the Coca-Cola truck’s arrival in the UK in 2011. One thing’s for sure – it attracts huge crowds wherever it goes.

The Coca-Cola “Holidays are coming” ad is eagerly awaited by millions around the world each year – in 2014 it was voted Britain’s favourite Christmas ad of all time. Watch the 2018 version here and see if it delivers the magic for you!



Here are 10 facts about the trucks on tour:

  • 1. When the ad campaign was first conceived in 1995, the trucks were called Christmas Caravans

  • 2. In 2015, Matt Smith, a professional truck driver from Andover, Hampshire, was one of the first members of the public to drive the Coca-Cola Christmas truck. He did it to raise awareness of Cystic Fibrosis and to show that the inherited condition isn’t beating him

  • 3. The 2018 truck is covered in 8,772 twinkling fairy lights

  • 4. Since arriving in the UK 8 years ago, Coca-Cola Christmas trucks have covered more than 737,000 miles and made 397 stops

  • 5. This year’s tour covers 24 locations from Glasgow to Taunton, kicking off on 9th November and finishing on 16th December

  • 6. If you catch the truck on tour in 2018, you’ll get a free 150ml can of Coke – you’ll be asked to recycle the empty can in support of Coca-Cola’s World Without Waste pledge

  • 7. The Coca-Cola Christmas truck is 16.5 metres long, 4.1 metres high and weighs 13 tonnes

  • 8. The Christmas Truck has its own twitter account – you can follow and tweet @ChristmasTruck

  • 9. The tour has been scaled back this year after opposition from local authorities and health bodies concerned about Coca-Cola handing out free sugary drinks. Coca-Cola counters that 90% of samples will be sugar-free

  • 10. The Coca-Cola trucks used on the UK tour are Scania T-Cab box trailer models. The iconic American truck from the adverts is a Kenworth W-900, distinguished by its long hood (bonnet) length

The process for routing and scheduling the UK truck tours seems to be a closely guarded secret. Of course, if anyone from the Coca-Cola promo and logistics team is reading, we’d be delighted to help you plan with the Truckstops solution. With this year’s tour focus on recycling, you could do worse than to grab the headlines next year with another strong environmental message. Did you know you could cut fuel use and costs (by 10-30%) using cutting-edge route optimisation? That’s a great Christmas gift for the bottom line as well as the environment.