More tracking solutions than ever now integrated with Truckstops

Truckstops developers have been working closely with tracking system suppliers to integrate mobile workforce management solutions and route planning software, enabling users to compare their planned routes with those actually driven. Enjoying good relationships with a variety of tracking companies, Truckstops now offers a greater range of integrated mobile solutions than ever. Teletrac Navman, Masternaut, Microlise, Quartix, Transend, Truckcom, and Verilocation are some examples of tracking solutions that can now integrate with Truckstops to suit users’ exact needs.

Integrating Truckstops with these complimentary technologies unlocks a range of benefits, and can assist users with strategic network planning and territory management. In addition to this, users can exploit tracking to improve vehicle utilisation and fuel consumption using real-time location data and driver behaviour analysis.

A key advantage to linking Truckstops route planning software with one of these tracking solutions is that the process facilitates immediate plan vs actual analysis. The delays or parts of the plan that were achieved more quickly than anticipated can then be accurately examined; simply adjust the parameters in Truckstops to adapt the planning process to fine-tune schedules for next time.

“The Truckstops integrated tracking solutions bring an excellent return on investment,” Mapmechanics Director Paul Dawsey comments. “Once planned and actual routes are compared using one of these solutions, this information from the tracked routes can be fed back into the Truckstops models to make the next planned routes even more tailored to the way each fleet operates.”

“The optimised route schedules can further improve efficiency on the next run, and if desired, users can undertake additional plan vs actual analysis later in order to identify whether the planned routes are now closer to those experienced by the drivers.”

Our development team works together with our existing and prospective customers to link routing and scheduling to their chosen mobile workforce management solutions, and Truckstops includes free links to a range of complementary tracking technologies directly out of the box.

For further information about how Truckstops combines with a range of tracking solutions, call +1 (727) 483-5562 (US) or +44 (0)20 8568 7000 (UK), or simply make an enquiry at