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Case Studies

Truckstops transforms fleet planning operations for Jolly Farmer

Since switching back to Truckstops vehicle routing and scheduling optimization solution, Jolly Farmer, a Canadian grower of high-quality plants, achieves more accurate and dependable schedules and plans journeys more flexibly to take account of its distinctive operating patterns.

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Bulk milk collection for Peter Stoitse Transport with Truckstops Loads

Peter Stoitse Transport select Truckstops Loads from Mapmechanics for bulk milk collection planning, streamlining operations and saving cost

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Costa Farms HQ

Plants delivery scheduling and optimization for Costa Farms

Costa Farms select Truckstops from Mapmechanics for plant delivery scheduling and optimisation – Delivery planning time cut by between 20 and 30 per cent

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HelloFresh increase deliveries fourfold with just 50% more vans

Switching to Truckstops is helping rapidly-expanding HelloFresh to keep down the prices of its increasingly popular home-delivered “cook from scratch” meal kits.

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